Are you feeling the looming pressure of holiday gatherings and the sensory overload that comes with it? The hustle and bustle of the season can stir up a whirlwind of anxiety and overwhelm, leaving us searching for quick, effective solutions. If you’re seeking a rapid and practical tool to reset your nerves and find calm amidst the chaos, I’ve got just the trick for you.


Enter the 60-second anxiety and overwhelm practice that’s your ticket to serenity, especially when navigating crowded events or encounters with challenging personalities this festive season. This eye movement practice, a gem I discovered recently, is simple yet incredibly potent in easing the grip of overwhelm and anxiety on your nervous system.


Here’s the drill: Find a quiet moment, even if it’s just a minute locked away in a tranquil room or the solitude of your bathroom amid a bustling gathering. Face forward and keep your head entirely still. Then, gaze as far right as you can manage, holding that position for as long as possible. Feel the stretch as you hold—right, right, right until you can’t anymore.


Then immediately shift your eyes to the extreme left, holding your gaze there with the same determination—left, left, left, as far and for as long as you can manage. Your cue that it’s worked? A sigh, a yawn, or even a slight shudder will signal your nervous system’s reset.


I know, it sounds almost too simple to be true, but trust me, it’s remarkably effective. However, a word of caution: No eye movement tricks behind the wheel! This practice is your go-to when the nervous system feels jangled, but not when you’re in control of a vehicle.


Feel free to share this 60-second gem with others who might benefit. It’s a game-changer in those moments of sensory overwhelm or when anxiety threatens to take over. Quick, effective, and versatile—use it whenever you need that swift reset.


Wishing you a serene and stress-free holiday season. For more tips like this, follow me here on YouTube.


Love as always,



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