These screening tests are the standard pre-referral tests used routinely within the NHS in order to ascertain whether an ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) referral is likely to be appropriate. These can give you a good idea about whether you’re barking up the right tree or not!

  1. 1. The Autism Quotient Test – this test is best for those who have more male/masculine presenting autism. It may also be less accurate if you’re not from a Western culture or background This is because the clinical criteria for autism has historically been based on caucasian men. The second test is meant to be much better for everyone not well-covered by the AQ test.
  2. 2. RAADS-R Test – this test is designed for those whose autism may fall somewhat outside of what is considered textbook autism, particularly for people with more female/feminine presenting autism, or for those who do not have a Western background/culture.

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