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What Exactly is Coaching? Do I really need it?

Coaching Basics

A coach is someone who’s been exactly where you’ve been and knows how to get to where you want to go. Coaches come in many forms; life, relationship, business, and as many things as you can imagine. And we’re all trained to varying levels in many different practices. I’m a qualified NLP Practitioner and Timeline Therapist, which makes for a perfect blend of personal, emotional nurture, and practical communication and business skills.

Do You Need Coaching?

It depends! Do you have a burning desire to change something, but don’t have much experience in what it is you want to do? Or you’re not sure where to even start?

Humans are resourceful and curious by nature, so it’s likely that people who have an immutable interest in pushing the limits will eventually stumble into their purpose. But the likelihood of that happening in a short amount of time is small, and take it from someone who spent years without any community or guidance; a good coach that you click with is worth their weight in gold!

If you’re in no great rush and are content with exploring for years, knowing you’ll get there one day, then you probably will have some success. Eventually. But I have a suspicion you’d like to turn things around quicker than that…

What I Can Help You With

Your Purpose









My Approach to Coaching

Unlike a lot of the other coaches and course creators out there, I’m not going to push a certain methodology on you and I’m not going to encourage you to do anything that doesn’t feel awesome or isn’t simple.

I do not buy into the idea that you have to push through everything you don’t like, or that you have to get up at 5am or even meditate every day. We’re all different, and my ethos is that by nurturing your natural abilities, honouring your own boundaries, and doing business in a way that feels natural to you is the fastest, most successful, and incredibly exhilarating ways to get to where you want to be, and quickly!

That doesn’t mean there won’t be moments where you push yourself, or confront some old stories knocking around your wiring, but ultimately it means you’ll end up with something you’re in love with and that’s sustainable.

I’ve made a success of myself repeatedly, including becoming a best-selling author, and I don’t work before 2pm, I’m allergic to waking up to an alarm, and I attract success by doing things I love consistently. It’s that simple!

My secret ingredient is that as long as everything is connected to your purpose and alignment, you can’t go wrong, and it’s not going to require you to donate a kidney!

Discover your soul-aligned purpose

We’re all born with the seeds within us that will grow to become great interests, talents and gifts that the world will greatly benefit from, and that we will feel on fire to create and deliver. But the educational system and subsequent work industry do not frequently recognise or nurture those parts of us, and so we’re being subliminally told that these interests and urges are not important or profitable.

But ignoring this knowing that a better, more fulfilling life awaits is unsustainable, and for a lot of us this manifests in unrest, a lack of motivation and perhaps even anxiety or depression. If you’re spending a large amount of your life doing something you’re not totally passionate about that nourishes you on a deep level, what do you think the long term effect of that is?

I help people to uncover their deep, soul-aligned purpose and I love to see those moments of realisations on clients’ faces as they finally connect to their purpose, and I’d love to do that for you, too!

Have Total Clarity, A Simple Plan, and a Rock Solid Offer

Once you’ve uncovered your purpose, what’s next? Along with realising your purpose you’ll have a clear vision of how you want to bring your purpose into reality. I help you to structure, price, and plan your marketing in a way that feels totally aligned to you and that you’ll genuinely enjoy doing!

No two purposes, offers, or marketing plans are the same and yours is equally unique. What is natural to you and lights you up is the key to your success and enjoyment of the process.

Create a Business that Gives You Total Freedom

Most people have no more than 30 hours of good work and focus in them within any given week. With better paid work, less hours, and high impact with a soul-fulfilling business, what would you do?



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