Join our fellow students who are already reclaiming their lives! You’ve got this!

Align Your Life

A one-hour step-by-step audio program with meditations to set you on the right path to all the things you want in life. Stop being tired, overwhelmed, and at the mercy of unhealthy relationships and undesirable situations.

Did you see what they said?

This client has been utilising my meditations for some time, and the three I’ve used for this starter pack are meditations I use with my private coaching clients to support their transformations, so this is top-shelf stuff! Since this client and I have worked together, and they’ve made a commitment to changing their life, they’ve quit their job, attracted a partner, are moving to a better house soon, AND they’ve started their own business! Being grounded and connected every day is truly life changing and allows for easy manifesting.

All that just from meditations?

It doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with or where you want to go, if there is no space, connection, and calm in your mind and body, it’s much more difficult for the soul to take centre stage and work its magic. If you have no command over what’s going on inside, how can you expect to change your outer life?

If you change nothing, nothing changes, and what’s ten minutes a day? Everything!

I’m going to help you to do the same. What would it mean to you to feel grounded every day? What could you achieve and manifest?

  • Gain confidence in your ability to change things, take control of your life, and open to possibilities.
  • Transformation can start to happen within days, or weeks! A month in and you’ll probably be ready for the next phase of your journey.
  • You were not created to be drained, miserable, or underpaid. With grounding and connectedness it makes having the life you want so much easier.

Hi! I’m Harris,

and I’m the creator of the Align Your Life starter pack. I’m an Empath who’s started four businesses and have managed other people’s businesses and teams in the past, so I understand the unique challenges that come with creating a fulfilling, successful life as a highly sensitive and values-driven soul.

I created this offer because I want to support people like you (and me) to have better lives, fulfilling work, and better wellbeing overall. I think we so often get left out and neglected because so many of the people we’ve grown up with or worked for have not had the guidance we’ve needed. And we so often get left behind for reasons that seem invisible to people who can easily fit into the mainstream.

But I see you! And I believe that behind the struggle is someone brilliant, who’s here to actually enjoy life and thrive, just in a different way to what we’re told should work for us (but doesn’t).

After years of having no luck, no joy, struggling with money, getting burnt out, sick every few months, I finally got pushed into entrepreneurship and have never looked back. It’s lead me on a path of spiritual awakening and deep personal alignment! Through deep alignment I’ve manifested a house, a car, a plane ticket, and so many more things, and I’ve helped my clients to create amazing lives for themselves, too. And all they needed was some nurturing and confidence building, and a reminder that they were put on this earth to have fun!

I was once where you are right now.

Eventually I decided enough was enough and knew how much I hated living life on everyone else’s terms. I was depressed, always exhausted, my money never seemed to last, and I dated some turbulent people!

I started by going self-employed. This gave me the kind of breathing space I’d never had before. I wasn’t charging a huge amount per hour, but I was able to work about ten hours per week to make what I had made at my previous salaried job. I was able to go to the movies during the day, or book a doctor’s appointment without having to ask permission.

My energy around my first business was so pure and resistance-free because I had no expectations or pressures around it. I made enough to cover my bills in the first month, and it only improved from there. Within a year I was making back my old salary, with little to no marketing, working a fraction of the hours, and my health improved hugely. I didn’t know about law of attraction or soul-alignment then, but I can look back and see clearly that the law of attraction and following my inner guidance were two of the main components of my first business’ quick success.

By the time I was thirty, I had three small businesses, had moved out of my parents’ house and was sharing a house with a friend, had a new car and had attracted an exciting new partner. I had ended up living the kind of life I knew deep inside was possible, but nothing like I’d ever seen before from someone I knew.

I ended up becoming more myself, I cared less and less what other people thought of me, I began to say no and enjoy saying no. I became okay with friendships and relationships not working out, I found myself a trauma practitioner who helped me heal from twenty years of PTSD. I realised that my life was going to take a new path as none of my three existing businesses were aligned with my soul-purpose.

In 2018 I told my coach, Lenka, that I would be at her NLP training that June. I had no idea how I was going to pay for it (the investment was thousands of pounds), but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would be there. As June got closer and closer, I was starting to think ‘where is this money?’ The deadline passed on a Friday in May and I let go, extremely disappointed and confused, as I’d been certain I was supposed to be there. Then a friend who never calls me, called me on the phone…to offer me the money.

I retrained as a coach and TimeLine Therapist so that I could in turn help people to have what I’ve been so blessed to have. And so far all of my coaching clients have done amazing things, things they never imagined possible. I said to a client recently ‘so when are you starting your business, then?’ She laughed, but within weeks she’d called me on the phone telling me she’d officially withdrawn from university and was starting her own business. It helps to be intuitive in my job!

There is nothing that compares to living a life that you truly love, that continues to surprise you and lights you up every single day.

And I want to help you do the same!

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t - you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”

-Maya Angelou

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you ready to get results like these?

This client manifested a buyer for her horse (random, right?!), even more money turning up, and was able to move countries as she’d been dreaming of – all within a short amount of time. She was convinced she was supposed to go and get a degree, but after learning to trust her intuition, decided to start her own business instead, and is absolutely flying! She manifested a brand new life for herself within just a matter of months.

Learning to align your energy and get in flow as often as possible will speed up your manifestations, and meditations are one of the most effective methods for manifesting whilst you’re awake!

What would your best life look like?

What’s included?

There are 3 sessions and one bonus message from me to you at the end.

Session 1 – Grounding and Connection (usual session price £250)

This session helps you to feel secure, connected, and to start organising your life, getting a big picture of everything as it currently is and taking stock of the things you’d like to keep or improve, or things you’d like to change or get rid of.

Session 2 – Cord Cutting (usual session price £250)

This session will help you to identify which relationships do not feel like good energy for you, and I’ll instruct you on how to cut those cords and how to relate to those troublesome people you still have to have some contact with. This allows you space to breathe and a chance to recoup some of your energy,

Session 3 – Manifesting Loving People (usual session price £250)

Now you’ve cleared away the old connections I’m going to take you on a journey of tuning into the type of people who instantly make you smile and bring you joy. I’m going to help you to connect with those people on a spiritual level so that you can powerfully call them in to your experience.

Bonus Message

A message of encouragement, success, and a blessing on your life from me to you. Let magic in and believe it will happen!

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to everything I’ve listed above, I also want to gift you a workbook that not only accompanies the starter pack, but also has a bonus exercise at the end that ties all of these practices together and help you to fast-track your results.

This extra process is something that’s credited with many people’s big successes; a really powerful practice, which when utilised effectively, can change a life in as little as four weeks!

It’s a practice I’ve used repeatedly to bring about huge changes in my own life, including manifesting a house, a car, a total of £4.5k in gifted tickets and many other things, and I want the same for you, too!

This is a powerful process that I take 1:1 clients through in a session, but I want to give it to you so you can start changing your life, or an area of your life, right now.

Ready to align yourself for your best life with joy, ease, and speed?

I can’t wait for you to see everything that awaits you inside this starter pack and exercise book! My clients have had amazing results and so can you.

  • Session 1 – Grounding and Connecting, value £250

  • Session 2 – Cord Cutting and Regaining Your Energy, value £250

  • Session 3 – Connecting to and Manifesting Loving Relationships, value £250

  • Bonus Exercise – Powerful Coaching Tool, Manifesting on Fire, value £250

Total value £1,000

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m concentrating on my mental health at the moment, nothing life-changing. Is this meditation pack for me?

Absolutely! Mental health is massively important in living your best life. You could have all your material wants in the world, but if your mental health is suffering, that really colours everything.

Other clients have reported better sleep, feeling more grounded, having more headspace, improved anxiety levels and improved thinking capacity. Meditation is proven to help massively with mental health issues, and the core practices I’ve put together for you are really key in claiming back some balance for yourself.

I’m tempted, but I’ve struggled with mediations in the past

These meditations are designed with lots of different brains in mind; I’ve kept them short, the gaps between the speaking are very short, and I introduce a feeling element for those who struggle with visualisation.

I tested this product on quite a few people before publishing it, and all of them were neurodivergent or disabled, because I wanted to make sure it translated to as many different types of brains as possible. And so far, the feedback has been incredible!

If you have any accessibility issues, please contact and I will arrange for alternative formats to be made available.

I don’t know if a meditation pack is going to cut it. I think I need more help than this.

If you’re seriously ready to uplevel your life and you’d rather do it sooner than later, send a message to or message me via the contact form here and we can discuss possibilities. I do have a few openings for private clients at the moment.

For reference, past clients have overcome PTSD, self-doubt, sub-optimal living situations, working a suffocating 9-5 and a whole bunch of things, and all have gone on to live trigger-free, thriving new lives. It’s my jam!

Is this going to take ages to complete/practice?

No, absolutely not. I don’t believe in complicated courses that take hours, days, or weeks. I’ve tried things like that and found them too complicated, and they just added to my overwhelm rather than help me out of a tricky situation.

The audio is just under an hour long. It’s three short lessons, followed by three short meditations, and then a bonus message at the end. The workbook has only four practices that you can use as you’re drawn to.

The whole premise of these practices is that they’re easy, don’t take very long, and feel LOVELY!

If it’s so valuable, why are you offering it at only £29?

Not everyone will manage to get a space with me for private coaching, and I’m a firm believer that we’re all capable of making a lot of progress on our own, to a certain point. I’ve chosen these practices and exercises because they’re easy to follow, affirming, and enjoyable!

I really want to make a positive impact in the world, and want to enable as many people as possible to claim their own lives, spiritual connection, and joy back. This pack has already made such a huge difference to the people who’ve used it (and continue to use it daily), whether they’re improving their sleep, self-relationship, or embarking on a new adventure. We can do anything when our energy is right!

Is this really woo-woo stuff?

Honestly? Yes! I come from a family of engineers, scientists and historians, so I absolutely understand the aversion to woo-woo stuff. But I’ll tell you a secret – it works. And sometimes you have to placate the logical brain with ‘if it works and I’m happy, those are the only parameters I’m working to’.

And I’m not about to tag you in a social media post, so the only person who can spill the beans….is you! Until then, it’s our little secret. But you and I both know that if you keep doing things the same old way, nothing is going to change. So what have you got to lose? It’s a little bit of money and a little bit of time for some big rewards!

Do you really think this will help me?

Yes! I have yet to meet a single human being who didn’t need a little more calm, perspective, and improved wellbeing. Even if we’ve had a handle on it before, we can easily forget the balance and lose it again.

Of all my private clients I’ve coached, all of them have asked me to record my meditations to help them to turn their lives around, or to support them in their new endeavours, or even just to help to keep them on an even keel.

Everyone I know who’s used these practices consistently have had incredible results. I think the world as it is at the moment, pulls us away from our inner peace, wisdom, and connection to the earth and our divine place. I think we all need and deserve to start reclaiming that, and it’s also my personal belief that the more of us who do this, the better off we are as a planet!

This meditation pack is my contribution to that, and I can already see past clients of mine now making waves in their own lives and having a positive affect on the people they come into contact with, regardless of what they’re doing. I believe you, too, have something incredibly important to contribute, even if that’s just being you, and I want to support you in doing that through these powerful and easy practices.

What if I don’t get into it?

I would actually encourage you not to try to get into anything, but instead allow things to come to you. The idea behind these practices are the antithesis of how we’ve been taught to do things; to try hard and push through. I don’t believe in that approach at all!

I encourage you to simply be open to whatever this may end up bringing to you. A lot of people have said after using this audio and workbook that they hadn’t realised they had been living with a certain problem. Detach from what you need this to be for you, and instead be open to what will come through if you allow space and relinquish control, even if it’s only for ten minutes a day!

Your life.

Your way.