NLP and TimeLine Therapy

What is NLP and TimeLine Therapy?

NLP and TimeLine Therapy are practices that aim to help to discover the subconscious wiring in your brain, identify the neural pathways that are causing you distress or misalignment, and to re-wire your brain and create neural pathways that you want and that would be more productive and helpful to you. All whilst not re-triggering old wounds, but instead to dissipate and heal old pathways without re-living or strengthening those old patterns.

And the exciting part is that once you’ve moved on from these old exhausting patterns, you can finally begin to start new chapters of your life that are fulfilling, joyful, and expansive.

Why is NLP and TimeLine Therapy my chosen practice?

In short, I lived with untreated PTSD for twenty years, and it was extremely difficult to function, not knowing at which points I’d be triggered and suffer all over again. Not to mention the hyper-vigilance and managing day-to-day life carrying around old wounds. I had been in traditional talking therapies for years trying to get better, but I either came out of those efforts no better, or even worse thank when I’d started.

Fast forward to finding an alternative healer at 29 and it changed my life. I got rid of my PTSD permanently in just a small number of sessions, and was finally able to move forward with my life and claim back the energy I’d spent years using to try to stay balanced and functional. That same year I was able to move out and really took a big step forward in my life, and then the following year I retrained so I can now help other people to overcome their issues whilst simultaneously improve their lives and bring about big positive change.

Is NLP and TimeLine Therapy right for you?

My clients tend to be at least one of the following: LGBTQ+, empaths/highly sensitive and neurodivergent (I’m all three!). I tend to support people for whom traditional therapy has not worked, and people who are not easily supported by traditional practitioners. In my experience, it’s much more difficult to be supported by practitioners who do not have a deep knowledge and understanding of who you are, and so that’s why I’m bringing my practice to my communities, because we deserve to live our best lives, too!

My practices are a blend of emotional wellbeing, coaching, and spiritual connection. All of which, I believe, result in the most holistic and joyful healing and alignment. And because I’m not a therapist in the medical sense of the word, your healing, your goals, and your preferences are guided by you; it’s not my job to tell you who you should be, but instead to guide to what’s authentically you. In my experience this is the only way to reach alignment and your deepest fulfilment. I’m just here to support you in getting there!

How to book an appointment

Unlike a lot of people in my industry, I don’t believe in roping people into packages, and instead offer the ability to book appointments as and when you want them. It’s unlikely you’ll want just one session, but I’m leaving it up to you to decide what feels right and how often you’d like to book in.

Appointments are conducted via zoom. It’s important that I’m able to see you so I can guide you through practices and healing so I can get a sense of what’s going on as we go through a session. I do not record sessions, unless you’d like a copy for your own use.

Want to have a discussion first? Contact me via the message box below.

Ready to book a session? Please message me with your time zone and dates you’re available. Please note that you’ll need to pay for each session up-front.

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Message me to organise your appointment and arrange payment. Please include your time zone and dates you’re available. Please note that I’m on London time, which may affect availability.

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Sessions are £75 and 50 minutes long. Initial assessments last up to 90 minutes, but cost the same.

Please note that all fees are non-refundable, but should you need to reschedule or postpone your appointment for any reason, I will honour your payment for 6 months from the date of the initial booking. Frequent no-showers may be refused service.

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