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Welcome to the Empaths Revolution podcast, the home of intersectional spirituality.

Empaths Revolution is a platform dedicated to empowering, informing, and supporting empaths and other spiritually sensitive people via podcasts, expert guests, blogs, books and personal 1:1 and group support. I’m your host, Harris Eddie Hill, and I’m nonbinary, neurodivergent, and an intuitive empath. I’m a podcaster, best-selling author, NLP Practitioner and TimeLine Therapist, and I’m pleased to bring you these episodes.


About the Empaths Revolution Podcast

It’s my passion to help Empaths, particularly queer and/or neurodivergent ones, to step into their power, heal from their traumas, and create a life that allows them to be their shiniest, most resilient selves.

After many years stuck with trauma, childhood survival patterns and an energetic hangover from toxic conditioning that permeated almost every area of my life, including denying my spiritual inclination and abilities, I finally escaped the invisible clutches of dysfunction and I’m now passing on what I can to those who need it.

It’s my aim through this, my second podcast, to educate, inspire and empower Empaths so they can take their places as nurtured and self-assured people. With a blend of meditations, expert guests and story-telling, I hope this podcast lights up your mind, heart, and soul.



Harris Eddie Hill (they/them)

Harris Eddie Hill (they/them)


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The Empaths Revolution Podcast

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