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Create, manifest, and attract a life you love with ease, joy, and authenticity.

In a time when we’re inundated with information and advice, I’m here to invite you to cut the noise and go within, instead. We don’t often need as much information as we’re told we do. Through personal alignment and becoming intimate with our own path, we can uncover our own personal truths, abundance, and deep joy. I’m Harris Eddie Hill, the Alignment Architect, and I’m here to support you in your alignment, energy, and manifestation, so you can have a life you love.

Your life. Your way.

About the Alignment Architect Podcast

We’re now inundated with coaching courses, how-to’s and all these 3-step methods to achieve anything we want, but are they actually any good?

The truth is that all of that will only work for you if it’s bringing you back to your own alignment, and most of it doesn’t even acknowledge alignment, let alone foster it.

Here on this podcast I bring you meditations, interviews, and informative episodes that help you to nurture and get in touch with your own alignment. Prioritising your own alignment means you can better trust your own instincts and not get distracted by irrelevant information.

I have spent years studying all kinds of self-development, both business and personal. Some of it changed my life because it was exactly what I needed, and the rest of it was distracting fluff that pulled me away from my own sense of self and direction, but no one ever explained to me why, and so I want to help you to understand the difference so you can make more informed choices and enjoy more aligned experiences.

Harris Eddie Hill (they/them)

Harris Eddie Hill (they/them)


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The Alignment Architect Podcast

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