Align Your Life – Starter Pack

Original price was: £349.00.Current price is: £6.99.

.A £1,000 worth of coaching practices for the bargain of £29!

  • Session 1 – Grounding and Connecting, value £250

  • Session 2 – Cord Cutting and Regaining Your Energy, value £250

  • Session 3 – Connecting to and Manifesting Loving Relationships, value £250

  • Bonus Exercise – Powerful Coaching Tool, Manifesting on Fire, value £250



A one-hour step-by-step audio program with meditations to set you on the right path to all the things you want in life. Stop being tired, overwhelmed, and at the mercy of unhealthy relationships and undesirable situations.

There are 3 sessions and one bonus message from me to you at the end.

Session 1 – Grounding and Connection (usual session price £250)

This session helps you to feel secure, connected, and to start organising your life, getting a big picture of everything as it currently is and taking stock of the things you’d like to keep or improve, or things you’d like to change or get rid of.

Session 2 – Cord Cutting (usual session price £250)

This session will help you to identify which relationships do not feel like good energy for you, and I’ll instruct you on how to cut those cords and how to relate to those troublesome people you still have to have some contact with. This allows you space to breathe and a chance to recoup some of your energy,

Session 3 – Manifesting Loving People (usual session price £250)

Now you’ve cleared away the old connections I’m going to take you on a journey of tuning into the type of people who instantly make you smile and bring you joy. I’m going to help you to connect with those people on a spiritual level so that you can powerfully call them in to your experience.

Bonus Message

A message of encouragement, success, and a blessing on your life from me to you. Let magic in and believe it will happen!


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