The Transection Podcast

Founded by Jordan and Harris, two trans friends, The Transection Podcast has grown into a home for discussions around LGBTQ+ life, emotional wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing, anti-racism, and many more important topics. We aim to bring heartfelt and qualified conversations from a variety of well-versed speakers who have lots of personal and professional experience in their areas of expertise to a wide audience.

Our four seasons are available to listen to now, completely free! Please be aware that the majority of our episodes are not suitable for children. Parental discretion is strongly advised.

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The Founders of The Transection Podcast


they/them or ey/em

Harris is a best-selling author and founder of the Centre for Childhood Trauma Healing and is based in the UK. They support clients to recover from their past struggles and begin to build a more stable, functional and happy life, and to cultivate fulfilling personal relationships.


They/them or He/Him

Jordan is a parent and multi-skilled professional living in Utah, USA, with their best friends and menagerie of pets. A champion of trans rights, neurodivergence and mental health, they spread awareness, realness, and positivity wherever they go.