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I have three different ways you can work with me, and some self-help options that you can make use of in your own time. All work is carried out online, so you can work through things in the comfort of your own home.

Relational cPTSD 12-Month Membership

If you’re ready to go big and not go home, and want to throw everything including the kitchen sink at your healing, this is the most holistic program on the market for relational cPTSD. Check it out below:

90 Day 1:1 Healing Program

If you’ve been therapied up to the eyeballs, have maybe been low-key addicted to self-help books and programs, and have no issues understanding or rationalising your past and just want solutions, this is for you!

Pay-As-You-Go 1:1 Sessions

If you’re still in the earlier stages of your healing, haven’t done much in the way of therapy or self-development before, and want a gentler pace with no deadline and space to work it all through at your pace, then pay-as-you-go sessions are for you!

Not sure which option might be right for you? Let’s have a no pressure chat and I can better assess where you are and what might be the best fit for you.


(Clients' anonymity is protected due to the nature and sensitivity of this work, hence there are no profile pictures, and only first names or clients' chosen pseudonyms are used. But all testimonials are quoted directly from a private feedback form.)

I feel liberated. I don't feel tied down by my doubts, my insecurities and my need to please others. It may be one of the best decisions I made for my personal growth and I'm so thankful that I got to work with you to help me process and heal.

It's difficult to describe how fast things improved for me. I feel like I'm leading a different life for the better, and feel so much more whole now that I'm not afraid to show the parts of myself that I always pushed down. Helping me live authentically comes back in my relationships with others, and I feel so much more prepared for daily life and the emotions that come with it.


Trauma Client, 90 Day Program

I was scared and didn't want to really deal with my emotions. I liked how you talked about therapy teaches us the why but not the how and to be less hard on yourself. After our session I felt emotionally exhausted but there was a bit of clarity after. I would absolutely recommend you to others. You immediately created a feeling of comfort and gave enough personal anecdotes to create trust and keep conversation flowing, but not so much that it took away from our session. It actually helped move it in the right direction.


Seeking Relationship Support

I've got further with your coaching in three months than I have in twelve years of therapy.

Randi Lee

Trauma Client, 90 Day Program

I really feel everyone should be exposed to your wisdom, it's incredibly refreshing to understand why you are feeling that way, your methods of self reflection are reflection on the actual emotion brings such empowering knowledge. I'm much more chilled now, I'm looking at things from a new angle, I have taken time out from people who weren't good for me and I now know it's okay to do that.


Trauma Client, 90 Day Program and 12-Month Member

To say that my coaching/therapy with Harris has been different is an understatement. They have given me tools that have empowered me to face difficult conversations and circumstances head on. It hasn't been easy but they have been by my side and now that I'm getting practiced at setting boundaries my self worth and understanding have grown. I have embraced all my emotions such as anger which I didn't feel was possible before. It's like being given a new torch and suddenly everything is different. I am stronger than I realised and I appreciate every session we have conquered together

The difference in me between our first session three months ago and today's last session is enormous. Looking back I feel like I have bumbled through life, finding happiness where I can while trying to make sense of my past. I've had lots of therapists but not a coach and I myself a counsellor didn't fully appreciate the difference. The difference I have found is that whilst there is space to talk about my past this isn't forced. Harris has listened whilst modelling a way of being that is new, hopeful and forward looking.

I was referred to Harris through a friend. Looking back I was approaching burnout and crisis point. My past was mixing with my present and most conversations were triggering and exhausting. I had withdrawn from friends and family. I was heavily medicated on anti anxiety meds and antidepressants, (which I am no longer on). I didn't want to return to therapy. I'd had traditional therapy 4 years ago lasting many months and although it had helped me better understand my past, I felt ill equipped to live in the present.

Difficult memories have been processed in a way that is empowering and I have learnt to trust my own judgement which is a world away from the self criticism I bombarded myself with before. I have got to a point where I notice and enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone. I wouldn't hesitate in working with Harris again should I need help. However I feel proud and accomplished rather than fearful now that our coaching has come to an end. Thanks again Harris, you're a bloody legend!!


Trauma Client, Counsellor, 90 Day Program

The approach that you use is one that I trust. The opportunity to work one to one as well as be part of a community of people on a similar healing journey. Also that that you are someone who is very easy to relate to.

Most importantly, you have been through trauma yourself which makes talking about areas of trauma so much easier. This healing work that you have done with me, I have found it to be long lasting.. I found that your approach was person focused and you helped me deal with difficult areas of healing in a very sensitive way. The spirituality component, I feel is very important and that I was able to talk about spirituality completely openly.

I would definitely recommend you to others. The reason I would recommend you to others is firstly, you have been through trauma yourself. Secondly, the rapport that you naturally create with the other person. Thirdly, your approach to helping someone help themselves is one that is intuitively tailored to that person. Finally, that the approach that you [take] in your sessions is very empowering.

I felt fully supported. A lot of what made a difference to me during the sessions is what you, Harris bring to your own unique approach to healing childhood trauma. Especially, as in my case it continued to be experienced in my adult life. I feel I have gotten my life back and that I can continue to steadily create a life I enjoy living. Thank you so much.


Trauma Client, 90 Day Program and 12 Month Member

I have been able to end a toxic relationship and begin the work of healing my abandonment wounds. I would absolutely recommend you to others - key moments were recognising that my relationship was not safe enough for my anxious attachment style and also that I can curate my emotional responses more than react. and think more about how I want to be exactly. I’m keen to resume after the summer and after I have completed my doctorate with a clean slate!


Trauma Client, Psychologist

These wonderful folks are just like you; everyday folks who've been through some tough stuff. If you're ready to become one of them, come and have a no-pressure chat with me. If I'm not the right fit, I have some wonderful colleagues to refer you to, and if you're not ready right this second, I'm super happy to support you with some low/no-cost resources in the meantime. I'm here for you!

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