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Why mental health coaching?

So much work can go into talking therapies with varying results. We tend to the roots of ourselves to hopefully make for sturdier foundations.

But what next?

Mental health coaching aims to take a solution-focussed, more holistic look at our lives and what we want, and helps us to build a map of where we want to go next and how we’re going to get there.

No packages. No long-term commitments. Just 1:1 sessions as and when you want them at a set price.

Harris Eddie Hill (they/them) is a best-selling author, podcaster and mental health coach. An NLP Practitioner and trauma survivor, Harris advocates for a holistic, spiritual, and emotionally informed approach to life, healing, and mental health, especially for those of us who are considered sensitive and unconventional.

Harris’ background in intersectional rights and gender identity education means that clients can expect a more insightful and nuanced service.

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