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Intersectional support for LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent Empaths

Empaths Revolution is a platform dedicated to empowering, informing, and supporting empaths and other spiritually sensitive people via podcasts, expert guests, blogs, books and personal 1:1 and group support. I’m your host, Harris Eddie Hill, and I’m nonbinary, neurodivergent, and an intuitive empath. I’m a podcaster, best-selling author, NLP Practitioner and TimeLine Therapist, and I’m pleased to bring you these episodes.

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Harris Eddie Hill is a best-selling author, speaker and intuitive Empath. An NLP Practitioner and trauma survivor, Harris advocates for a holistic, spiritual, and emotionally informed approach to life, healing, and coaching, especially for those of us who are considered sensitive and unconventional. They aim to serve the neurodivergent and queer Empath community via personal and group support, podcasts, recommended reading and many other things that helped Harris to become a functional and empowered Empath.

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