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Alignment Coaching for Sensitive and Unconventional People

After twenty years of living with untreated PTSD and no help from traditional talking therapies, I finally experienced permanent healing after finding an alternative therapist and it changed my life! The year after this incredible experience I re-trained in a very similar practice and I now help people to not only overcome obstacles, but to start new chapters and plan for a joyful and abundant future.

 I especially work with people who are at least one of the following; LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, and empaths/highly sensitive people. I belong to all of these communities and in my experience people like us are often not well-catered to when it comes to emotional and spiritual support. Not only am I passionate about helping and celebrating the individual, but it’s also my belief that people from my community are here to thrive and alter out-dated, toxic dynamics that keep potentially everyone stuck in some capacity.

No packages. No long-term commitments. Just 1:1 sessions as and when you want them at a set price.

Harris Eddie Hill is a best-selling author, speaker and alignment coach. An NLP Practitioner and trauma survivor, Harris advocates for a holistic, spiritual, and emotionally informed approach to life, healing, and coaching, especially for those of us who are considered sensitive and unconventional. Blending humour, a background in intersectional advocacy and trauma-informed approaches, they aim to level the societal playing field through spreading awareness about trauma and paying forward the gift of trauma recovery.

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