Trauma Healing Webinar

Get ready to watch this pre-recorded webinar!

Are you ready to gain valuable insights into the world of trauma healing, and uncover the path to transforming your life? Join me for this pre-recorded webinar with Harris, a nonbinary and neurodivergent expert, as they guide you through the profound journey of healing from trauma.

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In this engaging and informative session, Harris covers:

1. Understanding Trauma: Delve into the essence of trauma, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its effects on our lives.

2. Real Healing: Learn how to genuinely heal from trauma and explore the transformative power of this process.

3. Trauma Processing: Uncover the nuances of trauma processing and its distinction from traditional therapy approaches.

4. The Need for Awareness: Explore why trauma healing isn’t promoted enough and the importance of spreading awareness.

5. The Journey: Get an inside look into what the trauma processing journey feels like and what to expect along the way.

6. Choosing a Practitioner: Discover key factors to consider when selecting a trauma healing practitioner.

7. Detailed Q&A: Harris addresses the audiences’ burning questions, providing clarity on their healing journeys. Listen to see if your questions are in there!

About Harris:

Harris, the founder of the Centre for Childhood Trauma Healing, has a wealth of experience and personal insight into trauma recovery. Having transitioned from an NHS coaching career to specialize in childhood trauma, Harris is dedicated to helping survivors overcome their past experiences.

Harris’s wish is that trauma healing be accessible to all through universal healthcare, but in the meantime, they’ve established their organisation to support individuals like you in your healing and thriving journey. With their guidance, you can discover that healing from trauma doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Harris believes that you should have the tools to process much of it yourself, especially when the most significant obstacles have been tackled with guidance, and the rest of the journey requires occasional maintenance.

Having conquered extreme PTSD from childhood s*xual abuse and complex PTSD stemming from family trauma, Harris is familiar with the challenges that come with trauma. They’ve navigated the difficult path of choosing partners who echoed past trauma and understand the pain and triggers that accompany repeating cycles.

The good news? Trauma processing, when led by a skilled guide, is an emotionally charged but non-triggering journey. Whether you decide to work with Harris or not, this webinar is designed to equip you with essential knowledge to propel you forward in your healing journey. Harris’s passion lies in empowering survivors with information that has the potential to break the cycle of trauma and limitation for good.

Watch now and embark on a transformative journey towards healing with Harris as your guide. 🌈 Don’t miss this opportunity to gain life-changing insights into your trauma recovery. And if this resonates and you want more, come and find me and all the resources and offers you could ever need here πŸš€

Submit your details to get access to the webinar immediately. This will put you onto my mailing list. You can unsubscribe from my list at any time.