Hi, I’m Harris (they/them),

and I’m the founder of the Centre for Childhood Trauma Healing. I’m autistic and ADHD (or AuDHD abbreviated) and I’m dedicated to helping people like you to say goodbye to their childhood trauma for good.

In 2017 I had a life-changing moment where my 20 years of PTSD were healed in two sessions. What used to have so much control and a huge negative impact on my life was removed, just like that. It wasn’t without tears and a lot of snotty tissues, but it wasn’t triggering and it changed my life forever. And I haven’t had a relapse since.

Whilst I appreciate that everyone’s journey is different and that not everyone is interested in this aspect of healing, I know that I won’t have been the only one desperately searching for answers for years.

 Once I knew that true healing was really possible, and that it can be quick, I retrained in modalities very similar to the ones I’ve so greatly benefitted from (and no, they’re not talking therapies!). If you’re looking for a real solution to your issues, I don’t want you to have to wait and struggle for as long as I did, when it’s so unnecessary. It seems wrong to me that people are stuck in what feels like a never-ending holding pattern of therapy that might not be delivering the results you want.

And to top it all off, there are so many practitioners out there that don’t understand autism, ADHD, LGBTQ+ identities and all the other fab variations of people. And being part of so many of those communities myself, I felt it was even more important to provide the kind of results I’ve had to people like me, from my community, and to others who are so rarely catered for.

I hope you can see how personally important this work is to me and how much I care for my clients and getting the results they so deserve and need. Would you like to consider becoming one of them? We can have a chat and see if we’re a fit!

If you’d first like to get some learning under your belt, check out my 30-day curriculum for childhood trauma survivors, completely free, here.

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