The Essential Audiobook List for Survivors of Relational Trauma


When your upbringing was complicated, even if you’re determined to overcome trauma and learn new, healthier ways of being and relating to others, it can be confusing knowing where to start and to know what you’re aiming for!

So many of my knowledge gaps were filled by books (on audio as I have the attention span of a poorly-regulated goldfish), many of which I recommend to my clients now.

Since learning so much of what emotional wellbeing, healthy relationships and secure attachment look like, it’s given me the most amazing and helpful framework to work towards.

I’ve put together this reading list with a short explanation of each of the 4 essential books I recommend, so you’ve got an idea of what each book is about, what it’ll help you with, and why I’ve chosen them. This will not take you a long time to complete; each audiobook is under 7 hours long, so if you listen for one hour a day, you’ll be done in a month!

These books contain within them the most life-changing teaching that I have ever found, and as far as I know, I’m the only one to have curated this collection. It took me years to find these gems, so I’m pleased to offer you this list so you don’t have to spend years looking for them yourself!