In the first three days of pre-sales alone, our history-making, first-of-its-kind book hit five best-seller charts, which has in turn inspired our publishers to petition the Library of Congress in the USA to add two new national book categories; ‘LGBTQ+ Business’ and ‘Nonbinary’.

And whilst ours is the first LGBTQ+ business strategy book in recorded history, it is not the first in either of the proposed new categories altogether; there is actually a plethora of books that would accompany ours, but they similarly have yet to be recognised within the appropriate genres.

Please help us to push these changes through; it will not only be a symbol of hope for marginalised authors, but it will also set a new and extremely important precedent for the book industry and will help us to gain the recognition our community so deserve.

Find the petition link below and the list of books you can reference in your submission.

Thank you so much for your support. Once you’ve completed it, would you please consider sharing it online?

To our success,

  P.s. Please use the high level section ‘Business & Economics’ for the new ‘LGBTQ+ Business’ category and please use the high level section ‘Social Sciences’ for the new ‘Nonbinary’ category. Thank you!