The coaching industry is one of the things that freed me, but it’s also rife with toxic practices, concepts, and just general nonsense. 

Toxic positivity is one such thing; any problem can supposedly be blasted with enough positivity to simply suppress or destroy the issue. ‘Got depression? Have you tried a gratitude journal?’ Or my personal favourite, ‘negative emotions make you sick!’. And whilst there might be a modicum of truth in some of these practices, the attempts to never even ‘go there’ is unsustainable and will continually push you to paper over the cracks until you’re blue in the face, and then blame you for not trying hard enough when the problems inevitably rear their heads because they’ve not been properly tended to.

As I grew my own coaching practice, it was imperative to me that I consider my intersectional background in the process; not everyone is catered to and that’s an issue in an industry known for its big promises and amazing solutions. And, being nonbinary, I absolutely detest any coaching practices that insist everyone’s either feminine or masculine at their core. A dating coach once said to me, whilst I was in a relationship with a very butch cis lesbian ‘but one of you is more feminine, right?’ and I replied ‘no, we’re both a mixture,’ it was the first of a thousand such examples I’ve been exposed to.

Having worked in the NHS, I know how imperative it is to have my own support and to continue to examine myself; my behaviours, beliefs and attitudes. I’ve been very fortunate to have had trauma treatment from very talented people, but I’ve found it difficult, both within and after working at the NHS, to find someone who was further down their spiritual/trauma path than I was. Someone who’d also looked at all mental health, coaching, and spiritual practices with a critical eye. Someone sober enough to recognise when another influencer or professional was trying to gaslight their audience and exploit an ever-twisting narrative to create followers and begin a minor cult.

At the end of 2023 I was beginning to feel somewhat astray from myself and knew I needed to find my next support person of my own, and into my life walked Asherah Eden. She loves men, dislikes the patriarchy, went to one of only seven women’s Ivy League universities in the USA, is a part of the community, and is unapologetically present, ambitious, and is passionate about calling out bullshit. She is one of the most sophisticated spiritual teachers I’ve found who has no interest in forming a cult, has boatloads of experience as a trauma healer and has a masters in psychotherapy. She fosters a spirit of rebellion, not caring about the false social transaction of ‘niceness’, and loves easily.

Asherah has broken many rules of our industry, and has in the process made money through financial domination, sex magic, trauma work, business coaching, and whatever she touches has this feminine Loki-esque vibe of mischief, disruptor and indomitable spirit. She has helped me to connect back to myself, to be more unapologetic, to own my own power and to take up more space. Working with her has been, and continues to be, truly magical. And that’s why I want you to get a taste of the experience, too. Asherah is running a masterclass on July 2nd, Blasphemy, at 6pm Eastern/11pm UK, and you’ll get the replay afterwards!

I would love to see you there. This masterclass will be unlike anything else on the market, will be a cathartic and refreshing deviation from the norm, and a space where we call out toxic nonsense together.

Join us at this life changing maserclass!

Never put up with toxic rubbish from the wrong people ever again! 

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