Hi, I’m Harris (they/them), founder of The Centre for Childhood Trauma Healing. In this blog, we’re going to explore a path towards healing and transformation. If you’re a trauma survivor who has found themselves trapped in a cycle of toxic relationships, you’re not alone. But I want you to know there is a way out, a way towards healthy love and companionship.

Understanding Trauma and Toxic Relationships 

Trauma survivors often find themselves repeating the same patterns in their relationships. It’s not your fault; it’s a consequence of the emotional wounds we carry. These wounds can affect our attachment and communication in relationships, leading us into the arms of toxic partners. But healing is possible, and it begins with understanding the signs of attachment trauma in relationships.

Breaking the Cycle

I’ve been where you are, caught in the frustrating web of toxic relationships. It can feel like a never-ending struggle, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In my video, I share the concepts that helped me break free from these cycles. I discuss the relationships that were instrumental in my healing journey, offering hope to others who may be facing the same challenges.

You Are Not Alone

I want you to know that you are not alone on this journey. As trauma survivors, it’s easy to judge ourselves too harshly for the choices we’ve made and the relationships we’ve been in. But it’s essential to understand that it’s not your fault. You are complete and whole just as you are. Your past doesn’t define your worth.

The Path to Healing

It’s okay to long for more. It’s okay to desire beautiful, safe, and healthy companionship. We all yearn for someone to build a life with. In my video, I share how these desires can become a reality. I’ll guide you through a path to healing, where you can learn how to choose and maintain healthy relationships.

Your Healing Journey Starts Here

I invite you to watch my video, where I share my personal experiences and insights on healing from trauma and building healthy relationships. The video delves into the concept of attachment and trauma in relationships, shedding light on the signs to watch out for. You’ll also discover practical steps to break free from toxic relationship patterns.

Audiobook Recommendations

As part of your healing journey, I’m offering you a collection of audiobooks that have been the foundation of my framework for healthy relationships. These audiobooks have been a lifeline for me and have helped countless others on their journey to healing. You can download this audiobook list for free, and I highly recommend them to my private 1:1 clients.

You can find my reading list here.

Remember, you are not alone, and there is hope for healing and transformation. Your past does not define your future, and there’s no shame in desiring love and companionship. Together, we can learn how to have healthy, long-lasting relationships. Your journey to healing and finding healthy love starts now.

As you embark on this path, remember that you are deserving of love, and you have the power to break free from toxic relationships. You are complete, and you have the potential to build a beautiful life filled with safe, healthy companionship. Embrace your journey towards healing, and let’s walk this path together.

Do you feel like you're not 100% sure what healthy relationships feel like? Have you picked troublesome partners/friends in the past?

If we've not grown up seeing healthy relationships, or we were neglected for one reason or another, we might get tripped up by accepting less than we deserve in relationships. And when it keeps happening, it's frustrating!

Check out my recommended audiobook list for survivors of relational trauma who want to have healthier relationships.