To survive the holiday season with a narcissist or a toxic person is no small feat. It takes resilience, strength, and a toolkit filled with strategies honed from years of experience. If you’re here reading this, it’s likely because you’re facing that very challenge. But take heart — you’re not alone.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve spent Christmases and holidays navigating the complexities of relationships with those who can’t meet our needs, whose behaviors leave us emotionally drained. But I’ve also emerged on the other side, armed not just with survival tips but with the understanding that it’s possible to thrive even amidst such challenging dynamics.

I speak from a place of deep experience, having navigated complex trauma and emerged stronger and more capable of handling these situations. And yes, that journey has involved treating my own complex trauma, which has significantly eased the burden of dealing with toxic individuals. But I’m aware that not everyone is at the stage of diving into that kind of deep work just yet.

The tips I have are powerful, and they’re detailed in a video I’ve crafted specifically for this purpose. In this video, I delve into three crucial strategies to help you maneuver through the holiday season with these difficult personalities. But here’s the catch: these strategies are exclusively within the video. You’ll have to watch it to uncover these transformative tips.

What I will tell you is this: the first step involves acknowledging your own needs, recognizing their validity, but also understanding that certain individuals might never meet these needs. It’s a tough realization, but a liberating one. The second strategy revolves around being mindful of how these toxic individuals provoke emotional responses, and I’ll guide you on how to sidestep those traps. Lastly, the third strategy is all about developing specific verbal and action-based responses to these situations.

I’ve lived through these scenarios, honed these strategies, and I genuinely believe they can make a difference for you, too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, or just want a personalized strategy, I’m offering one-hour sessions to help you navigate these challenging situations during the holidays at a big discount. It’s a chance to speak with someone who’s been there, someone who understands, and someone who’s dedicated to making your holidays more manageable.

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